We all know how important balloons are when you want to make the party come alive. We use them as decorative centrepieces, alongside gifts and to simply add a little bit of character to our venue of choice... But did you know there's far more to your average balloon than meets the eye?

Party On Balloons have put together some of our favourite ideas to get feeling arty and crafty - with some ideas you'll love and some you weren't expecting!

DIY String Easter Egg Baskets

This DIY basket is perfect for either storing your favourite Easter treats or creating something adorable to display a few gifts in at any other time of year. This amazing idea only requires a few household items to make a beautiful string basket your friends and family will love.

Drink Cooler

When the warm weather comes around, the first thing you'll be wondering at that summer party is how to keep your drinks cool... so why not use a few balloons? All you need is 5 minutes and a few frozen balloons later you'll have something that not only looks party-ready but keeps those beverage bottles ice cold for longer.

Balloon Birthday Wreath 

This surely beats a birthday balloon or two strung to the door when it's the big day of your party! Vibrant, creative and completely unique, this wreath will be the talking point of any big celebration.

Send Your Guests A Different Kind Of Invitation

Put together these wonderful birthday invites that feature a balloon that your guests can blow up and read where and when your party is happening for themselves. Includes all the various instructions you need to really get your friends and family excited.

Chocolate Dessert Dishes

Believe it or not, this chocolate dish requires only an inflated balloon or one! If you're looking a Springtime treat look no further than this scrumptious idea that no one will be able to resist.



Post By Ed Mason