The best parties are quite literally the 'Super' kind. Capes, masks and super-powered sweet treats are the secret to the ultimate superhero extravaganza.

So if you're interested in doing battle against the bland and the boring, we've put together a series of sensational ideas to throw a comic book blowout of epic proportions.

But where do you start?

Party On Balloons have a utility belt filled with all the cakes, costumes and decorations needed to impress the little heroes and heroines in your life. So what are you waiting for? Power your way through this list and you'll find everything you need to create your new identity...

A Choice Of Balloons You Can Count On

Whether you're into Spider-Man or you're more of a Captain American fanatic, find the superhero you need the most to save you from a party disaster!


Need Some Super Decorations?

POW! BAM! BOOM! And just like that, you've got your party decorations sorted!

Superheroes Assemble... For Dinner! 

Whether you're assembling The Avengers or gathering up members of the Justice League, everyone needs a place at the party table.

Suit Up And Choose Your Identity

Bitten by a spider or born on Krypton? There's a new identity for you to adopt with this 'no-sew' mask idea.


Cakes For A Caped Cruscader

Light the Bat-Signal and command your party goers to gather round these Gotham-style treats!

Action-Packed Party Games

Use all your skills to outwit your fellow heroes and villains with this bowling game, decorated with a vigilante twist...

Superpowered Snacks

....then power-up and re-energise with some heroic snacks to finish with.

Post By Ed Mason