Gender reveal parties have become more and more popular over recent years and at Party On Balloons we love the idea. Having a baby is an exciting time and building up the anticipation of what gender you will be having simply adds to the magic. But with so many different ways to reveal the gender from cakes to fireworks, it can be difficult to know what method to choose. Well you all know that we believe if you are going to celebrate, then then the best way to do it is with balloons.

We have put together our list of our 4 favourite gender reveal balloons that are unique and make the whole process so much fun. All of these balloons can be personalised with a colour and text of your choice. Take a look at our options below, if you can’t find a design that you like the look of or require something different, just ask us and we will be happy to help.

Inflated “Poppable” Confetti Gender Reveal Balloon

A design that really builds suspense and adds that wow factor that you are looking for, our range of poppable gender reveal balloons are our top choice. With a black outer balloon and a confetti filling of either blue or pink, the balloon is simply popped to reveal the coloured confetti inside.

If you are the to be parents and you don’t want to know the gender, then you can order our surprise option and have a friend or your sonographer let us know the gender! The balloon is also specially presented in a box, fully inflated so all you have to do is open the box and pop the balloon. Watch the videos on our product page to see the balloon in action.

Gender Reveal Personalised Multi Fill Bubble Balloon

A classic design, this gender reveal balloon features smaller balloons inside which can either be pink or blue shades. The text on the outside can also be customised to suit you. This balloon reveals the gender of your baby when you open the box and it slowly ascends, stopping just above the opening.

Personalised Filled Baby Feet Print Bubble Balloon

A gorgeous design featuring baby foot prints on the outer balloon, this gender reveal party balloon can be customised to feature a name or just the gender of the baby. The mix of light and deep blue balloons inside really make this piece stand out.

Solid Pink Personalised Bubble Balloon

Providing a real stand out design, this gender reveal balloon is designed in one solid colour and gently ascends out of a box to reveal the gender. You can customise this balloon with any text that you wish in any font that you like to add that extra special touch. This design is also available in solid blue.

Double Bubble Bear Balloon

A simply gorgeous design that guests and parents to be will love, this gender reveal balloon features a pink or a blue bear inside a balloon. The balloon gently floats upwards as you open the box to reveal the gender.

For our full range of gender reveal balloons click here.

Post By Ed Mason