The warm glow of a summer evening is the perfect party backdrop, and the only thing missing is the right decorations. Whether you're throwing a sunshine celebration at a lavish party venue or you're putting on a low key get-together in your back garden, having balloon decor that compliments, accentuates or cleverly offsets the surroundings of summer can really make your party memorable.

So once you've established your theme, it's time to run with it...

If you're basing your party on a particular colour palette or pattern, or you're trying to evoke the luscious natural foliage of summer in a different location, Party On Balloons have something for everyone.

In our latest blog we've selected some of our most sensational summer-themed balloons that you can embellish with your own personalised touch...

Personalised Greenery Bubble Balloon Filled With Green Mini Balloons

This verdant bubble balloon will add some botanical beauty to your next summer party. Filled with foliage details and garden colours, this decoration is great for complimenting an outdoor setting or giving a natural twist to your party venue or similar warm weather environment.

Personalised Tropical Teal Balloon-Filled Bubble Balloon

Give your summer party a tropical twist with this dazzling decoration, brought to life by gold, deep teal and light teal mini balloons. The perfect addition to any Hawaiian-luau party, fiesta or palm tree-themed celebration. It's also a great way to add an instant burst of colour to venues in need of a summery makeover.

Personalised 'Sending You Smiles' Smiley Faces Bubble Balloon

Make your guests smile with our sunny Smiley Face Balloons from Party On! Bright yellow in colour and euphoric in style, this balloon is great for an emoji-themed party or any celebration that reflects the happy vibrancy of summer.

Personalised Ice Blue Balloon-Filled Bubble Balloon

If you want something cool and refreshing in the heat of summer, this Ice Blue Bubble Balloon is a great way to subvert the classic warm weather styles. A great cooling colour palette that will offset the hot weather, and why not base your entire party decor on icy blues, chomes and silvers?

Holiday Reveal World Bubble Balloon

Want to surprise someone with an upcoming holiday or party abroad? Reveal plans for an adventure of a lifetime with our Holiday Reveal Balloon, featuring a Planet Earth design, decorated with jet-setting details that you can personalise with your own special message.

Yellow Feathers Balloon Package

Capture that golden hour glow or the vivid rays of afternoon sunshine with this bright yellow balloon package. It features an array of decorative elements that you can spread around your party venue or dining area. And why not combine this balloon package with our Serene Dream Confetti Balloon Package for a contrasting white and yellow look?

Personalised Rainbow Balloon-Filled Bubble Balloon

Add a spectrum of colour to a children's party or summer celebration with this bright and colourful choice from Party On! The clear 20" outer balloon is the ideal base for the nine smaller colourful balloons to shine, with space on the outside to include your own wording or message.

Post By Ed Mason