There's nothing that symbolises the sophisticated aesthetics and graceful decor of a magical wedding day quite like the 'white wedding' colour scheme. Whether your wedding day centres around a classic church service and the dream reception that follows or you're opting for something ultra modern and unique, the white wedding look is a truly versatile, refined and tasteful way to celebrate your big day.

Party On Balloons are here to celebrate all things wedding celebration-related with a stand-out range of wedding balloons that are designed to decorate your venue, surprise your partner and even ask a special someone to be your bridesmaid, all in the most memorable way possible.

The 'white wedding' is a timeless tradition that harks back to the historic royalty of the Victorian era; embodying the elegant formality and style of dress that has become synonymous with the most classically romantic wedding styles. Nowadays there are many different ways to bring your wedding to life: from beautiful white botanicals and table decorations to white invites, garlands and other tiny but significant details. However, few wedding decorations have the forward-looking flair and personalised qualities of our white wedding balloon range.

Wedding balloons are surging in popularity right now, and it's easy to see why. Not only will you be able to easily give your wedding venue a wonderful white makeover, you'll also be to add your own special messages and greetings to our balloons. Or, if you're looking for the best proposal ideal - our personalised bubble balloons will simply float out of the box to surprise your partner with stunning "will you marry me?" text.

In our latest blog, Party On Balloons give you our most elegant white bubble balloons for every milestone leading up to your wedding, including the proposal, announcing your bridesmaids and decking out your dream venue in pure, perfect and effortlessly beautiful white embellishments.

'Will You Marry Me?' Personalised Feather-Filled Bubble Balloon

Looking for a proposal idea to remember? This dazzling feather-filled decoration will surprise your husband or wife to be in a heartfelt, unique and truly romantic way. This balloon is designed with elegant yet luxurious style and can be personalised with special wording of your choice. This decoration arrives in a box and will float out gracefully to the delight of your special someone.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Personalised Bubble Balloon

The perfect way to let a friend or family member know that you'd love them to be your bridesmaid! You can create a meaningful personalised message - including their name - that will be printed onto the outside of the balloon and this gorgeous white bubble balloon will also preempt your elegant white wedding theme! Perfect for giving your bridesmaid a glimpse into your stunning wedding day decor and style.

Mr & Mrs Wedding Day Bubble Balloon Package

This duo of super shiny and stylish white bubble balloons come complete with a Mr & Mrs print for you to place anywhere in your wedding venue. Great to pose and take photos next to, they will add charm and character to any reception. These balloons are also a lovely memento to cherish for years to come.

Engagement White & Gold Photo Upload Balloon Bunch

For a luxurious twist on the white wedding theme, add a touch of glamorous gold to really make a statement. This Photo Upload Balloon Bunch is probably our most romantic and personal decoration - allowing you to customise the central foil balloon with your very own photo! All you need to do is upload an image, add your chosen text and preview it to create a decoration that's perfectly tailored to the events surrounding your special day.

Wedding Day Personalised Feather Bubble Balloon

Whether you're looking for a wedding gift or a decoration that does it all, this personalised bubble balloon is a gorgeous choice for the bride and groom. Filled with trendy white feathers and beautiful party-themed embellishments, this balloon will accentuate your wedding theme perfectly and can also be personalised with your own special message.

White Feathers Balloon Package

Your wedding reception will be bursting with gorgeous white balloon decorations when you choose our elegant white feathers balloon package. Filled with scatter balloons, foil balloons and, at the centre, a feather-filled bubble balloon that you can personalise however you wish. Place these stunning white decorations anywhere you like on your special day to create a magical and eye-catching aesthetic that will mesmerise every one of your guests.

Post By Ed Mason