The rose gold trend continues to surge in popularity, seen everywhere from home interiors to jewellery finishes, and of course, party decor. This timeless style is the perfect middle ground between more contemporary white gold and the classic yellow, offering you a tone that is chic and modern yet elegant and nuanced, compare to more traditional colours.

If you've recently fallen in love with the serene luxury of rose gold or you want to incorporate it into your party theme, Party On Balloons will guide you through some of the best complimentary colours to pair your rose gold decorations with... along with a few of our most popular rose gold balloons to date!

White Balloons

A crisp white and rose gold combination will always look good in any party setting. By adding in a touch of white, your rose gold balloons will instantly stand out, accentuating the natural softness and delicate qualities of the glinting gold tones.

The Serene Dream White Balloon Package is the perfect way to fill your party venue with premium decorations. It includes 1x white heart filled personalised inflated bubble balloon, 2x white foil heart inflated balloon bunches and 10x inflated small white scatter balloons.

Pink Balloons

Pink is the perfect colour to emphasise your rose gold colour scheme and will compliment the lavish metallic shimmer of the rose gold tones. Blush and other striking shades of pink will have incredibly unique effects on your rose gold colours during your next party or celebration.

The Personalised Pink Heart Balloon-Filled Bubble Balloon is great for romantic occasions, such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries and other heartfelt get-togethers.

Black Balloons

For a bold, attention grabbing and dramatic effect, combine rose gold with black balloons to create some atmosphere. Great for stylish functions, black tie events and themed parties, the glistening rose gold colours will stand out emphatically among your surrounding all-black balloon decorations.

Our Most Popular Rose Gold Balloons...

At Party On Balloons we offer a unique and luxurious selection of rose gold balloons. Discover a range of personalised balloons and decorations with different fills as well as special balloon packages to deck out your party venue.

Personalised Rose Gold Balloon-Filled Bubble Balloon

This multi balloon-filled bubble balloon is a stylish party gift or decoration that you can personalise with a special message and font of your choice. It's also finished off with a base of smaller balloons and an attractive ribbon to complete the look.

Rose Gold Hearts Balloon Package

Another popular favourite, this shimmering balloon package comes with 1x rose gold filled personalised inflated bubble balloon, 2x rose gold foil heart inflated balloon bunches and 10 x inflated small rose gold heart scatter balloons. The perfect way to help transform your home or party venue into a stunning rose gold wonderland.

Personalised Rose Gold Feathers Bubble Balloon

Filled with fluffy feathers to compliment the soft hues of rose gold, this personalised bubble balloon is a lovely gift for any occasion. We add your personal message to the outside - for example, rose gold vinyl lettering, or you can choose from a selection of other colours.

Post By Ed Mason