So you've just bought a load of latex bubble balloons for your latest party... But how do you give them a more personal touch?

Balloon upgrades can often be expensive, time-consuming and can feel fairly disappointing if not done correctly. However, there are loads of easy ways you can give your favourite spherical decoration a much-needed makeover.

Party On Balloons have put together a selection of the most striking, stylish and simple balloon upgrades that you can do today, without breaking the bank or wasting your time...

Brushed Gold Painted Balloons

Transform your everyday white latex balloons into something glitzy and glamorous with a few brushes of enamel gold paint and a touch of creative flair.

DIY Cloud Balloons

Who said having your head in the clouds was a bad thing? This super effective DIY idea will have you reaching for the sky...

All you need is a blue paper backdrop, white latex balloons and a glue gun to enhance your baby shower, gender reveal party and everything in-between.

Party Cocktail Balloon Decorations

For New Year's Eve, a sophisticated summer ball or a trendy birthday party, this easy upgrade will make a huge impression when you attach some slick black balloons to your champagne drink stirrers.

Mini DIY Balloon Arch

The best way to frame your party table is with a mini balloon arch, featuring a rainbow of colours. All you need is 18 latex balloons, wire and a balloon pump and you're good to go!

Tulle Wrapped Balloon

Give your balloons a chic makeover by wrapping your decorations in transparent tulle netting.

DIY Ice Cream Balloon

This deliciously decorative ice cream balloon idea will ensure your summer celebration is too sweet to miss.


Red Lipstick Kisses Balloon

Looking for some chic, Insta-friendly party ideas? Try this seductive balloon idea and seal it with a kiss...

Mini Pom Pom Themed Balloons

Another irresistible upgrade comes in the form of this pom pom speckled balloon idea, finished off with scintillating silver ribbon.

Glitter Dipped Balloons

For a sparkling finishing touch, the magical 'glitter dipped' balloon idea will fit effortlessly into any unicorn or Disney princess party you happen to be throwing.

Post By Ed Mason