Halloween 2020 is certainly going to be a unique one! Many of us will no doubt be looking for ways to celebrate Halloween at home this year. Whether that is due to the weather or a global pandemic, whatever your reasoning we want to show you how you can have an amazing Halloween without even stepping foot outside your house. In this blog post, we will take you through some of the best home based activities for Halloween.

Decorate Your Home

One way you can instantly get into the Halloween spirit is by decorating your home. Our range of unique Halloween balloons are the perfect spooky decoration to add the finishing touch to your Halloween decor.

Cook Some Spooky Treats

Treat yourself to some spooky halloween inspired snacks. Fun to make and delicious to eat, below we have shared a few of our favorite tasty treats that are scarily good! Whether you prefer sweet snacks, like candy apples and cupcakes, or savoury ones, like devilled eggs and nachos, the treats listed below are sure to be a hit this Halloween. 

Scary Movie Marathon

Watching a scary movie from underneath a cosy blanket is a great way to spend All Hallows' Eve. Whether you want a film fit for the whole family or a nightmare-inducing thriller, we have listed some of the best films to get you into the Halloween spirit. This is a classic Halloween activity, just don’t forget the popcorn!

  • Scream (1996) - 18
  • Beetlejuice (1988) - 15
  • Fun Size (2012) - 12
  • Hocus Pocus (1993) - PG
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - PG
  • The Witches (1990) - PG

Create Your Own Costume

Just because you can’t go out trick or treating doesn't mean you can’t get creative with a costume. Have fun making your very own costume from clo thes and anything else you can find in your house! Get the whole family involved and host a catwalk so you can all show off your marvelous costumes. 

Host A Virtual Party

You can still spend time with your friends and family this Halloween, albeit virtually, by hosting a virtual party. Grab a drink, put on a costume and invite all your loved ones to an online Halloween party through your preferred video call provider. You can even host a virtual quiz, with a Halloween theme of course!

We hope that these fun home activities have shown how you can have an amazing Halloween, even when you’re spending it at home. You can shop all of our spooky Halloween balloons here and find more blog posts here.

Post By Rosie Burnman