Shopping around for the perfect party decoration may seem like a pretty straightforward task, but when you're faced with the balloon choice you need to buy, which is better - latex or foil?

Whether you're looking for a vibrant graphic design to accompany a presents table or a bulk selection of balloons to fill your party venue on a budget, Party On Balloons will let you in on which type you need to buy.

Latex Balloons

The upside...

The biggest advantage of using latex balloons over foil ones is the price. Latex is an extremely cost effective choice for buying in bulk and decorating larger party venues quickly and easily, giving your empty space a celebratory vibe in no time.

Not only will you get the most out of your balloons on a limited budget, latex balloons are also incredibly adaptable and versatile options for using with a range of different fills including air, helium and even water

The downside...

These balloons have a shorter lifespan than others due to the porous latex membrane which is particularly problematic for helium filled balloons as the gas will slowly flow out of the surface over time, causing them to drop. Cooler temperatures will also shorten the lifespan of your balloons, however, for a short term, reliable party decoration, you could do a lot worse than latex.

Foil Balloons

The upside...

Foil balloons are made from a non-stretchy film made from a meld of metal and nylon. They're less porous and therefore less likely to allow the gas within to escape - as a result, foil balloons can last up to two weeks compared with the one or two day lifespan of latex alternatives. As a result of the manufacturing methods and materials, foil balloons can include far more vibrant, striking and complex images, making them a brilliant option for matching perfectly with your chosen theme, whether it's a lavish corporate event or a child's superhero party.

Due to the longer lifespan of foil balloons, you can use them to decorate a party venue well ahead of the upcoming event, meaning they're perfect for surprise parties, weddings and other pre-planned occasions.

The downside...

Foil balloons aren't really a feasible option for decorating your entire party venue due to the expense, compared with latex balloons. You may use foil balloons to scatter sparsely around your venue, but you're going to need a combination of both styles to really bring the event to life.

Post By Ed Mason